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Welcome to strategic transformation

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We offer hard-core, human-centered transformation

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Human-centred strategic planning, execution, change and performance management

Strategic Transformation

Strategic Transformation is a group of professional strategy, execution, change management and performance specialists. We have worked internationally for twenty years in thirty countries.

Our approach to organisational change

In today's rapidly changing world, managing a successful organisation requires a clear strategy, an execution plan that is simple and an efficiently aligned structure. It also needs agility and the ability to adapt, smart ways of managing performance and effective ways of developing capabilities. These are the 'must have' critical success factors.

But make no mistake, it all starts and ends with one thing — your people.

Human-centred strategic planning

We offer hard-core, transformational programs with a human-centred approach — to obtain maximum value, buy-in and results.

A comprehensive approach

We've focused on the core elements that drive organisations forward — starting at the top with strategy and reaching right to the bottom with an extensive performance management system. Along the way, we carefully manage execution and change management to ensure that results are achieved and objectives, goals and targets are met.

We offer these services as an integrated package, or as stand-alone interventions.

Develop Crystal Clear Plans
  • Develop concise and well defined strategies, with ease
  • Obtain organisation-wide strategic ownership
  • Emotionally invest people into the organisation's future
Seamlessly Manage Implementation
  • Transform strategy into tangible, measurable actions
  • Align organisational objectives
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
Manage Change Professionally
  • Minimise resistance and operational blockages
  • Enhance the speed of adopting new ideas and initiatives
  • Reduce operational costs and risks
Manage Team And Individual Performance
  • Ensure results through carefully managed goals and targets
  • Quickly identify lagging performance
  • Identify, motivate and develop key talent

What's your vision for the future? Let's talk.

We offer a free, no-obligation one hour discussion about what can be done to develop and enhance your organisation, business unit, department or team. Whether your challenge is small and requires minor adjustments, or a complex major intervention, we'd be happy to help you understand all of the options, benefits and possible pathways forward.
All our conversations are strictly confidential.

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transformational processes

We offer hard-core, transformational programs with a human-centred approach — to obtain maximum value, buy-in and results.

It's both what we do, and how we do it that makes the difference

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What our clients say

“As soon as we were introduced to this methodology we immediately saw value in it. The concepts were simple, strong and unique. We subsequently engaged with it and used it to develop a clear direction for our business. It has...”

Partner Mid-Sized Accounting Practice, United Kingdom

“On various occasions I have engaged the process throughout our global organisation and on each occasion I have received outstanding results. The rare ability to create momentum within organisations and unite, motivate and energise people and teams to higher levels...”

Global HR Director Multi-National Firm, Texas, USA

“Thank you for assisting us in identifying the path that we need to travel in order to reach our goals. It has been absolutely fantastic to see the transformation that has begun in the management team alone. A few of...”

General Manager Pan-Africa Firm, Cape Town, South Africa

“We recently undertook a process of developing a new strategic plan and cascading it across our company. A number of imperatives were created that would guide the principal activities of all major stakeholders across our ten Divisions / Groups within...”

Senior Vice President Oil And Gas Firm, Abu Dhabi

“We have been delighted with the results of this process. We have grown from a principally national company with steady growth of 5% to being an international company with growth in excess of 30%. One of the key reasons is...”

Managing Director Health & Fitness Firm, Australia

“We have used the advisory services for the past few years and have found them highly valuable for providing business management, strategic planning, implementation, structure and performance management advice. Initially we spent one year developing and implementing a strategy and...”

General Manager SME Firm, Saudi Arabia

“We were in need of developing our business structure, operations and branding. Little did we realise that with this approach we would move so far forward in such a short period of time. We now have a much stronger company...”

Managing Director Middle Market Firm, United Kingdom

“We would never have had so much growth without this process.”

General Manager Oil And Gas Company, Global

“Little did we realise that this approach would bring us so far...”

CEO Brand Agency, United Kingdom

“We have taken a very large step forward, which otherwise would not have happened.”

Director Manufacturer, Sydney, Australia

“This has revolutionised our business.”

CEO Building Materials Distributor, Jordan

“Highly professional. Excellent organisational development program.”

Vice President, HR Oil And Gas Company, Houston, United States

“Impressive structure and program roll out.”

Director Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“We now rely heavily on implementing the strategy we developed in this process.”

CEO Security Company, Saudi Arabia

“We are extremely impressed with this methodology.”

Partner Accounting Firm, Midlands, United Kingdom

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Brief us regarding your requirements below and let’s connect

We would be delighted to speak with you. We understand that every organisation is different and that sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly what to do or where to start. Kindly fill out the form, or e-mail us telling us about your organisation and what you would like to discuss. We will then be in touch to arrange a suitable time for a confidential discussion.

It would be our pleasure to assist you. We look forward to talking with you soon.