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Detailed References

Partner, Mid-Sized Accounting Practice, United Kingdom

As soon as we were introduced to this methodology we immediately saw value in it. The concepts were simple, strong and unique. We subsequently engaged with it and used it to develop a clear direction for our business. It has been extremely helpful.

Having now had wide exposure to the process and methodology, we are able to say that we are very impressed. It has helped us to gain a level of understanding that would have been extremely difficult otherwise.

The process has compelled us to address crucial commercial issues. We have been able to obtain significantly clarity around our business and its operations and have a much better ability to make commercial decisions.

Global HR Director, Multi-National Firm, Texas, USA

On various occasions I have engaged the process throughout our global organisation and on each occasion I have received outstanding results. The rare ability to create momentum within organisations and unite, motivate and energise people and teams to higher levels of performance is very valuable.

One of our large geo-markets used the methodology to transform their operational and financial performance — yielding a result that was very pleasing to our regional and global senior management.

General Manager, Pan-Africa Firm, Cape Town, South Africa

Thank you for assisting us in identifying the path that we need to travel in order to reach our goals. It has been absolutely fantastic to see the transformation that has begun in the management team alone. A few of the benefits that we have seen are:

* An increased sense of awareness amongst team leaders and management
* The alignment of our teams that will help us reach our full potential
* Much greater teamwork, which will filter across the whole company

Having involved your services, a lot of the problems that have come up against us in the past when we have tried implementing a strategy have been avoided.

Senior Vice President, Oil And Gas Firm, Abu Dhabi

We recently undertook a process of developing a new strategic plan and cascading it across our company. A number of imperatives were created that would guide the principal activities of all major stakeholders across our ten Divisions / Groups within organisation.

The program that was developed for us was conducted in a highly efficient and professional manner. In fact, participants enthusiastically participated in the process, helping to create a very positive atmosphere within the company.

The program was excellent and highly motivated Division Heads and their senior leadership teams to deliver a strong and robust suite of strategic plans that will guide us well into the future.

Managing Director, Health & Fitness Firm, Australia

We have been delighted with the results of this process. We have grown from a principally national company with steady growth of 5% to being an international company with growth in excess of 30%.

One of the key reasons is the clear and unequivocal direction that was identified through this process, bringing confidence and enthusiasm to the team as each milestone was reached.

General Manager, SME Firm, Saudi Arabia

We have used the advisory services for the past few years and have found them highly valuable for providing business management, strategic planning, implementation, structure and performance management advice.

Initially we spent one year developing and implementing a strategy and coaching senior executives. This process proved highly useful for us in mapping our path forward and implementing our ideas.

We now rely very heavily on the work undertaken as a means of managing and developing our organisation.

Managing Director, Middle Market Firm, United Kingdom

We were in need of developing our business structure, operations and branding. Little did we realise that with this approach we would move so far forward in such a short period of time.

We now have a much stronger company and have re-branded ourselves in line with the new direction.

General Manager, Oil And Gas Company, Global

We would never have had so much growth without this process.

CEO, Brand Agency, United Kingdom

Little did we realise that this approach would bring us so far...

Director, Manufacturer, Sydney, Australia

We have taken a very large step forward, which otherwise would not have happened.

CEO, Building Materials Distributor, Jordan

This has revolutionised our business.

Vice President, HR, Oil And Gas Company, Houston, United States

Highly professional. Excellent organisational development program.

Director, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Impressive structure and program roll out.

CEO, Security Company, Saudi Arabia

We now rely heavily on implementing the strategy we developed in this process.

Partner, Accounting Firm, Midlands, United Kingdom

We are extremely impressed with this methodology.

Managing Director, Pan-Africa Marketing Firm, Cape Town, South Africa

We greatly benefited from the advice.

Senior Vice President, Oil And Gas Firm, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

We implemented a great deal, highly motivating our people in the process.

Managing Director, Energy Company, Manilla, Philippines

Excellent strategy development and managing operational performance

HR Director, Global Soft Drink Company, Asia

Complexity made very simple and easy to implement

Policy Director, Central Bank, Sri Lanka

Engaging and in-depth...


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Brief us regarding your requirements below and let’s connect

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