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Change management: moving slow to “speed up”

Posted on Nov 12, 2020 by st_admin

Yes, its an oxymoron.  But it’s truth.  When it comes to change management and business transformation, moving fast can be a very risky business — especially at the beginning of a process.

Of course, it would be wonderful if we could all attain ‘instant results’ and ‘make change happen overnight.

But that’s just not reality. 

So, jumping into any form of transformation without: (a) the ‘right amount of preparation’, (b) a measured and structured process, and (c) a high level of respect for stakeholders at all levels is ‘high risk’ from a change management perspective.


Take the case of the organisation that was absolutely determined to change a large and diverse group of people, “its way”.  After ignoring all the warning signs, it took matters into its own hands, discarded and ignored the advice of its front-line stakeholders and took ‘major leaps’ in the transformation process.  In doing so, they wholly ignoring the all-important micro-steps along the way.  

The result was predictable: a huge loss of time, credibility and, of course, money. 

The story is all too common.


It’s a bit like trying to plant a new garden in clay and rocky soil.  Without removing the rocks, treating the clay and adding quality soil, you’re not likely to end up with a garden bed that yields magnificent plans.  And if you don’t continue to nurture the garden after you’ve planted it, you’re almost certain to end up with gnarly weeds.

In organisations, by doing all of the right things ‘up front’, you effectively ‘speed up’ the process and avoid costly down time and retractions.  

In effect, you create a clear path for your change process.

So the next time you take on a major transformation, remember that it’s better to set a solid foundation and follow a structured, systematic process to ensure the best results.

In short, you might want to move slow in order to speed up.

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Brief us regarding your requirements below and let’s connect

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